theaters of engagement

"scenario fields"

Below is a listing of Premier scenario Fields we frequent during our play schedule.  Avalon's Fury hasn't settled on a "home" field since our first years as a team playing solely at skyline paintball.  We got our start there, but we've learned.  Not all paintball fields are created equally.

THE SWAMP FUN PARK - located in Hayes, VA just north of Norfork.  We hit as many big games as we can get to at this field.  We have helped to produce 8 hour big games here and are looking forward to next May, when we will be hosting a 24 hour event.

ADVENTURE BEACH PAINTBALL - Located just North of North Myrtle Beach, we have hit this field yearly for the Road to no Ends series of 24 hour games.  We have been going since the first one in 2010 and will continue to do so.  According to a post by the owner, this field (one of our favorites) is closed (updated 11/6/16)

COMMAND DECISIONS - Located near Hickory, NC, this field is home to "Fulda Gap" a MAJOR 24 hour scenario game we have been attending since 2010

WARPLAY PAINTBALL- We found this field in Culpeper, VA back in 2009 and have been hooked since.  This field is the home field for the Death Dealers and we are proud to say its one of our top fields.

SPLAT BROTHERS PAINTBALL - Just south of Richmond, we began hitting 24 hour and 8 hour games at Splat Brothers in 2009 until about 2012.  We haven't had a strong appearance at this field lately, but its still noteworthy.

OUTDOOR XTREME CHESAPEAK CITY- We have only visited this field once, but we had a great time and often put it on our schedule to try to get to, but haven't been successful thus far.  We will be returning here at some point

SKYLINE PAINTBALL- Skyline Paintball was our only field of interest from 2006-2009.  They have some amazing walk-on concept fields.  We have not visited Skyline Paintball near as frequently over the last several years due to its shrinking to nonexistant scenario paintball schedule.  None the less, it one we would love to get to.

HELLS SURVIVORS - We found this little jewel during our 2012 Field Ventures in Pinckney Michigan.  We attended their Tippmann vs the World event and would love to get back there.

CPX SPORTS- Few of us have ventured out this far, but those that have have been changed forever!  Marking the longest distance we have transversed to reach a 24 hour scenario event CPX's Living Legends Event has made it here as a field we would love to be able to get back io

SOUTHERN MARYLAND PAINTBALL- A nice mix between Command Decisions and Splat Brothers, SMP host a wide variety of fields, ranging from large castles, to a town and open forest.  This field is home to a number of GREAT southern maryland Teams that really make the games played there worth going to!

WEST POINT - The Academy's Spring and Summer Combat Classics

STRIKE FIRST - We came up in support of Kevin Shimwell (ABP) in his effort to put on First Strikes first scenario event.  We hear that it closed (updated 2016)

SKIRMISH - A field we have wanted to visit since our early days.  It is definatly a very large field, with a massive player base.  We joined in for the Stalingrad IX game thats been running for a numbers of years.  Many Many Structures and forts made it a challenging field.  One we hope to add to our yearly calendar.

EMR- We visited this field for one of its trade mark scenarios, castle conquest.  The castle is amazing, but the team didnt have an overall high opinion of the rest of the wooded field.  Not much cover, few structures outside of their "town".  made it boring and one sided.  We may hit this field again, staff and community was A+

PEVs- A field we have heard alot of negitive hype from in the past from our time at skyline.  We've always wanted to get up for ourselves and see what it was all about, and in 2016 we finally did.  Maybe a late addition to our list for as local as it is for us, but a field and staff I believe we can get behind to support.

FORT KNOX - This field put a checkmark beside "paintballed in Indiana".  In 2017 we made the 10 hour trip, not our longest voyage, but certainly a drive to check this field our for it's Walking Dead Scenario.  The Field did not disappoint.  A good time was had and this field stays on our hopeful list for a return trip in years to come.