Cousins is a field that crossed my radar back in 2016.  We have been trying to fit this one into the field venture list.  Field looks amazing and the Big game is just our style of action.

​Both days is $45 prereg, paint is $65 a case.

2018 Spring schedule




the fall schedule is still in the works, check back month to month to see what we have put together!

​The Fall Schedule (under construction)

​September - Ft Knox (DC v MARVEL)
​October - Splat Bros 24 hr
November - Fulda Gap
​December - Battle of the Buldge (OXCC)

Fields we would like to visit

Paintball Asylum - Louisville KY (8 hours) -
Cousins Paintball - Manchester NJ - (6 hours)
Paintball Sports/Supply - Baltimore Maryland (3 hours)
OSG Paintball - New Hampshire (11 hours)
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team alerts

>>> JUN 2/3 - COUSINS - Big game 2018

Team members:  If you are able to make a game, Please "OPT - IN" this will send an email to the Admiral.  State which game you are OPT - IN for in the subject line.