september 2006

Admiral Nick leads the first group of "friends" from Moorefield and Petersburg to Skyline Paintball a day of walk-on

october 2006

Admiral Nick returns to Skyline for its Halloween Big Game, at which we meet a group of scenario paintballers, under the team name of "STAG"

december 2006

Local Gamers band together and begin playing Chromehounds for the XBOX 360 every evening, registering their squad as "Avalon's Fury.  This leads to the same group to adopt that name to represent them as paintballers.


Avalon's Fury visits Skyline Paintball Every Month for either walkon play, or a big game, increasing its local membership size for each game

March 2008

Avalon's Fury attends its first 24 hour game, produced by Black Cat at Skyline paintball.

june 2008

Admiral Nick Generals his first 8 hour big game, meeting "EZ Company" a group of friends out of the Winchester Area, we decide to hit Skyline's Next big game together

september 2008

Admiral Nick Generals the Whiskey Militia Big Game.  Our Membership doubles when, Forrest, Parker, Felipe, and Andrew, previously from the group EZ Company Join our Team.

january 2009

Avalon's Fury Command staff has its annual meeting and it is decided that the team will begin focusing on hitting new fields vs continuing to hit only Skyline.

March 2009

The "Month of Paintball"  The Team hits an event every weekend.  We have our first field venture for walkon play at splat brothers and later that month, Admiral Nick Generals the Black Cat 24 hour event at Skyline "Government Reform"

april 2009

The team hits its first Splat Brothers  24 hour game "HELL STORM of the THIRD REICH"

may 2009

Avalon's Fury wins 1st place at the STAG hosted Skyline Scenario Challenge.

september 2009

Admiral Nick accepts a generaling Roll for "Moonshiners" a game produced by the Death Dealers at Skyline Paintball.  The Admiral takes on the roll as Frank Dent, ATF agent, this becomes a recurring roll for the next several years the game is produced.

november 2009

The Team ventures to Warplay Paintball.

February 2010

Admiral Nick accepts a posting as XO for the "Knowing" under Chris Nienow at Adventure Beach Paintball's First Road to no Ends Scenario Event.  The team is critical in decisive missions for the knowing and walk away with the XO award for the team for its superior communications.

March 2010

Avalon's Fury is awarded its first MVT (Most Valuable Team) at the Battle of Malvern Hill 8 hour big game at SPLAT BROTHERS


The team makes its way to Hickory, NC for the Legendary Fulda Gap Scenario under the WARSAW flag.  Our faction is ultimately defeated, but we are hooked for life!


Avalon's Fury has adopted a set schedule of yearly events to hit.  Many of our Members have gone inactive due to Military or College comitments.  Most Games of 2011 are hit by new players or friends of the team.  Even Hammer is unable to make many engagements due to work obligations.


The active team roster is down to only Hammer and the Admiral, with recuring participation from Shadow and D-Rock, older members that began a more active roll in 2011.

May 2012

Hammer and the Admiral Venture to "The Swamp" for its "Star Trek" Big Game.  The Death Dealers extend an invite to Membership with them to us and any other active Avalon's Fury Members

June 2012

Avalon's Fury officially ends its out of state paintball Operations and remaining Members make the decision to Accept Membership with the Death Dealers.

september 2012

Local Avalon's Fury team members decide to hit a Game in Michigan "Tippmann vs the World" at Hell's Survivors that was on the Death Dealers schedule, but got canceled.


Admiral Nick and Hammer bring D-Rock, Shadow, Ronen onto the Death Dealers.

November 2013

Many old Fury Members return and join the death dealers for its yearly Fulda Gap Trip.


We hit Adventure Beach Paintball for our 5th Year anniversary game with the continuing storyline of Road to no Ends

APRIL 2014

Members of Avalon's Fury/Death Dealers host a Paintball Production at the Swamp Paintball Park, bringing back the storyline in a prequal to the Moonshiners Events run by L.I.R. Productions years ago that first brought Avalon's Fury into league with the Death Dealers.

may 2014

Avalon's Fury ventures all the way out to Chicago to attend its first Living Legends Scenario Event.

june 2014

Hammer takes charge of a combined Death Dealers/Fury task force during a three faction Swamp Event hosted by A & B "kings of crime".  We ultimately loose the battle by points, but have some awesome plays including Hammer Winning a General's Pistol Match!  All the back yard practice paid off!


Avalon's Fury Charges to the DC area to hit Southern Maryland Paintball for its first time at "Operation Sledgehammer".  New to the field, Fury teamed up with Son's of the South and took to the field.  Ultimately loosing the game points wise, Fury walked away with Most Valuable Team of the Covenant Forces and many new Friends.

JUNE 2015
Avalon's Fury receives its new Jerseys from I2I and reforges the team.

June 27th - 28th

The Reforged team makes it debut at Strike First paintball, a rainy nasty weekend, but the team walked away from the weekend with MVT, MVP, Sportsmanship and multiple other merits.

August 28th - 30th

Avalon's Fury returns to OXCC for a StarTrek vs Starwars game, Admiral Nick sweeps away with an MVP award

october 9th - 11th

Avalon's Fury returns to Splat Brothers for a Bond Themed 36 hour event, catching the win and a score of accolades (MVT, MFO, MVP:Bug MOtD: Snake).  Bug is officially added to the active member roster.


Avalon's Fury returned to Adventure Beach Paintball for the 7th and final installment of Road to no Ends in February.  March we hit Skirmish's Stalingrad IX.  Our first time out to Skirmish was a blast and we hopt to make it back out there.  In April the Team Geared up for its first trip to EMR Castle Conquest. While our force of attackers breached the castle walls, we didnt fair so well on Defense.  Later in the season we celebrated our team's 10 year anniversary at Skyline paintball, a month later we filled our quota for the year by bringing our total field ventures to 3 with our first visit to PEVs


The next chapter of Avalon's Fury unfolds with a continued focus on visiting new fields and meeting new people.  Our team takes on a new direction bringing the next generation of players into the fold with our families making their first appearances at our Sortes', the next Generation of Paintballers is coming, OpFor Beware, the young guns are here!

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admiral nick

Avalon's Fury is a paintball team based in Grant County West Virginia, that participates in Paintball Events all over the East.

For nearly a decade, Avalon's Fury has represented a group of individuals whose belief in teamwork, valor and camaraderie have taken them beyond what any one of us could have achieved alone.

As a team we made a name for ourselves as the main force visiting Skyline Paintball in our day (2006-2009), from that reputation we expanded our horizon and have become known at every Major Field in the East.

The team is growing every game.  2018 has seen a surge of members already.  Reviving the membership of an Old friend and bringing on two new faces already in the spring season.

We respect the integrity of the player, the sportsmanship of paintball and the outstanding effort that business's, field's and producer's put into their events.


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