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Three Month Outlook


SEPTEMBER 23-24th - hell's survivors

2017 is hitting its half way mark and we just rounded out our spring season with a Win from Splat Brother's World War Z Big Game.  This year has seen our ranks grow with many new faces and is becoming a generational team with the addition of our first ever young guns joining our ranks.

We have a big fall season starting in August, one that is sure to hold many adventures.  First hitting a game our good friends at ATA were nice enough to drop us a line on in August, then hitting some team favorites, and 24 hour games in September and October.

​2017 is just heating up!

Impressive Stats

Player Name: Avalon's Fury

Awarded: MVT

At: SMP - Call for Duty

When: March 4th, 2017

GALLERY snapshot

Current Mission