Upon booking a session with Avalon's Fury Laser Tag, we will arrive at your location and set up a modular pop up laser tag arena for the party's participants to enjoy playing laser tag in.  We handle all of the set up, take down and hosting the games.  Our goal is to keep it fun and catered to your request.  We have many game modes and scenarios to offer, from intense games of King of the Ring to epic big team battles.  We help players with the sport of laser tag and act as referees to keep the game safe and enjoyable for all.

Our primary venue is catering to birthday parties, where we will work diligently to create a birth day experience to be cherished by your birthday child.

Our laser strikers use safe IR beams not lasers and can be configured to offer very enjoyable team experiences.  No two games are the same!

Welcome to Avalon Fury's Laser Tag! 

My wife and I are the proud parents of 4 outstanding boys ranging from 16 - 9.  We love laser tag!  Even our vacations are built around traveling and visiting new and exciting laser tag arenas.  We have played laser tag all over from Buffalo, NY to Orlando Fl.  To say we are passionate about the game is an understatement.

As a parent, I grew concerned over the amount of time my children were spending "inactive".  I saw laser tag as that something to get them off the couch and active.  It created something we could all (my wife included:) could get up and be active doing.  The competitive team building skills my children picked up from the sport was just an added bonus.

Having grown up in Petersburg, WV, I know all to well how little there is to do in our area for fun.  I am on a mission to fix that an establish a reputable company that will bring something fun, exciting and enjoyable for our youth to experience.

There is no reason the good people of our area should have to drive hours for entertainment, when the entertainment can come to you!

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The mobile course is suitable for anywhere, from your back yard to your local woods or an open indoor area. We can provide hours of different team building activities and competitive games based on the old-time classic game of ‘tag’.

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Laser Tag is for everyone, any time!  We primarily cater to birthday groups, but adults will find the laser tag experience enjoyable (we are kids at heart).  The game can be designed to be very tactical and even scenario/mission based for some serious team training.  The game is limited only by imagination and the space available.  We look forward to serving you!

Avalon's Fury Laser Tag is a professional mobile entertainment company based in Grant County, West Virginia which provides a mobile set up at your choice of location for a custom built laser tag experience.  Our business caters to your needs.  Our games are designed with children in mind and are an awesome addition to your child's next birthday party.