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urgent mission alert

​the 2018 spring schedule has been created.  visit our events page to learn more and to get into the action now!

With 2017 coming to a close we, reflect over the EIGHT major engagement our team made it to this year at 5 of our favorite fields.  2017 had its field venture (Fort Knox), we fought through THREE 24 hour events, drove thousands of miles to attend games but most importantly we brought new faces onto the team.  We recruited FIVE new members to the team in 2017, our largest surge in membership since we refounded the team in 2014.  We brought along NINE friends of members to our games over the year.  Most importantly we got our kids into paintball.  ​2017 was truly a humbling year as a paintballer.

​We are just getting warmed up!  The staff already have an exciting spring schedule in development, delivering MORE field ventures, MORE 24 hour scenarios and what is sure to be a year of ALL OUT WAR!

​Stay connected, Avalon's Fury has only begun to rock the paintball world

Impressive Stats

Player Name: Bug

Awarded: MVP

At: Splat Brothers

When: October, 8th 2017

Player Name: KILO
Awarded: Young Gun
At: Splat Brothers
When: October, 8th 2017

Current Mission